Michael McAuliffe

Synthesizing a stress shift continuum

The continuum for stress shift can be generated using the same files as the sibilant continua, because each token was produced with stress either on the initial syllable or the final syllable.

In this example, we’ll be morphing asi_initialstress.wav to asi_finalstress.wav.

Below you’ll see the temporal anchors for the morphing. You’ll notice that there are relatively large deviations in opposite directions of a straight line across for where the stressed syllable is, due to duration being a large cue to stress in English.

alt text

There is also some spectral differences in the second syllable, due to the effect of stress. As such, we’d like to make sure that formants are properly aligned during the second syllable as below.

alt text

Below you’ll find the full morphed continuum from initial to final stress on “asi”.

Step File Step File Step File
1 initial-final_asi001.wav 2 initial-final_asi002.wav 3 initial-final_asi003.wav
4 initial-final_asi004.wav 5 initial-final_asi005.wav 6 initial-final_asi006.wav
7 initial-final_asi007.wav 8 initial-final_asi008.wav 9 initial-final_asi009.wav
10 initial-final_asi010.wav 11 initial-final_asi011.wav