Michael McAuliffe

Synthesizing an intonation continuum

This example uses the following sound files:

The temporal structure for creating a continuum follows that in the morphing tutorial.

alt text

There’s a fair bit of spectral difference in the final word (“homework”) which is to be expected given that I tend to use creaky voice more at the end of the sentence, so it might be worthwhile re-recording this pair. However, the continuum generally sounds pretty good to me.

The continuum created for the “homework_s” and “homework_q” endpoints using morphing substrates of s-q_homework_A.mat to s-q_homework_B is below.

Step File Step File Step File
1 s-q_homework001.wav 2 s-q_homework002.wav 3 s-q_homework003.wav
4 s-q_homework004.wav 5 s-q_homework005.wav 6 s-q_homework006.wav
7 s-q_homework007.wav 8 s-q_homework008.wav 9 s-q_homework009.wav
10 s-q_homework010.wav 11 s-q_homework011.wav