Michael McAuliffe


This section contains a number of examples demonstrating the use of STRAIGHT to generate continua between end points, or resynthesize a single file.

  • Sibilant continua
    • Similar to the walkthrough
    • More endpoint examples
  • Stress shift continua
    • /’ɑsi/ to /ɑ’si/
    • /’ɑʃi/ to /ɑ’ʃi/
  • Stop voicing continua
    • “task” /tæsk/ to “dask” /dæsk/
  • Vowel continua
    • “bit” /bɪt/ to “bat” /bæt/
    • Other bVt words to play around with
  • Intonation continua
    • “My dog ate my homework.” (declaritive) to “My dog ate my homework?” (yes-no)
  • Pitch manipulation
    • “My dog ate my homework?” to user-specified declaritive intonation